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211 vs. XMT 304.....weird, i know.

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  • 211 vs. XMT 304.....weird, i know.

    I am an extreme novice with access to 220v in the garage.

    I was planning on purchasing the Millermatic 211AS for around $1k.
    I can get a barely used Miller XMT 304 for the same money, $1k.

    I notice that the XMT retails for over 3 grand.

    I'm FULLY aware that it's going to WAY more than i'll ever need.
    Should i really go for the ''most bang for my buck'' or should i consider that ''stealing from somebody who may actually use it to it's potential''.

    trailer welding, hobby welding, farm type welding.....this would be the extent of my use. I don't even know what that XMT could do....



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    Originally posted by mrsollars View Post
    I don't even know what that XMT could do....


    It will do everything except sub arc. I would get the XMT, Nothing else, you could probably resale it for 12 to 15 hundred.
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      The problem with the XMT series is that everything is extra. However, I'm a big fan of overkill, so personally I would go for the XMT....

      If you want to do MIG, you need a wire feeder (spool gun will do - with adapter). I've seen various suitcase wire feeders for cheap - I have no idea how to hook them up or which ones will actually work with the XMT. If you want to pulse on MIG, there seems to be an external box to set it up. Want to TIG with HF start? external box for that.

      I haven't seen much of the TIG stuff for sale used, but you should be able to find deals on the MIG stuff. New, all the accessories are rather expensive. However, if someone has a wirefeeder they need to get rid of, there isn't really a big market for them (most people that need one already have one) so the used prices are relatively depressed. I'd suspect you will still have another $600 or so to go before you have a functional MIG (assuming used pricing).

      The odd thing about most multiprocess welders, is the average welder sets them up for one process and seems to leave it at that. Probably would have been money ahead picking a dedicated machine.
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        not the same cost

        211 is ready to weld from the box...xmt will need wire feeder, regulator, welding gun, connections to mig not so cheap,
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          thanks for the quick replies. again, it's WAY out of my league.

          I think i'm going to pull the trigger on the 211.

          While i have you, any input on the 211 vs. 212.

          pros and cons for me are:

          211: 110 & 220v, semi portable, under $1k.
          212: bigger, more futureproof (should i advance), etc.

          any of you want to squash that one for me??

          thanks guys. great board for a new guy to get into.



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            211 v. 212

            Portability and dual power. 212 is a much larger machine.
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              i'm guessing for what i want to do.....the 211 will be above and beyond anything that ''I'' am going to throw at it.
              I have access (friend of the family) to a larger welder about 90 miles from home. (Full time welding shop, for a living)

              So if need be, i could get stuff done there. It would just be nice to have one of my own.

              Thanks for the input guys. I'm probably going to go 211.

              thanks again,


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                I was looking at the same choice, 211 or 212. Power out put was the same just a lower duty cycle, but with size and the MVP I wanted to have aluminum capability I picked up the 211 with spool gun, wire and extra tips for the price of the 212 alone. Perfect for the home shop, and I haven't found anything I couldn't do with it yet and I did some 1/2" plate last night.
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                  The 211 should suit your needs. But that's a good deal for a xmt. If you went with xmt you could run stick for now and add on later. In the end have one **** of a nice setup.


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                    I called the local weld shop and can get the 211 w/spoolgun for just under
                    $1k. I think that is what i'm going to go with. thanks for the input guys.

                    somebody get on kc craigslist and snatch up that xmt 304!



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                      i just got the 211 about three weeks ago.... a great machine that makes me look alot better than i know i am.. try Airgas, i got mine there for $877


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                        I think 1K with a spoolgun is a good price.
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                          In the hands of a skilled individual, I think the XMT would be a much better choice for farm duty welding. There's a whole lot of machinery on a farm that breaks on a regular basis. Stick wins out in a lot of those situations - It's more versatile and much less expensive for the occasional oddball jobs that come around (hardfacing, cast iron repairs, stainless). It can also handle bigger jobs amp-for-amp when compared to MIG.
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