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Can't decide which to keep

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  • Can't decide which to keep

    I have a Hypertherm Powermax 30 and Powermax 45. Thinking of downsizing to just the PM45. Are there any compelling reasons to why I should keep the PM30 along with the PM45. The only think I can think of is the ability to run the PM30 off 120 volts. Any of you think that it is overkill to have both machines? What would you guys do?

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    I would only have the one plasma myself and it would be the 45.

    If you like the fine cut of the 30, you can run its consumables on the 45 torch.
    Just dont run it over 30.

    Even if you had it on CNC, the torch is easly removed.

    But depends on your situation.
    I dont take mine out or lend it out. Its also a 3 phase unit and nobody i know has 3 phase at home so they dont ask.

    My 2 cents
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