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14" Metal Cutting Blades.

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  • 14" Metal Cutting Blades.

    I'm in need of your opinions/facts about different brands of 14" Metal Cutting Blades. I have a DeWalt DW872 Multi-Cutter. It came with a DeWalt Blade when I bought it brand new. Now I'm using a Freud Diablo Steel Demon Blade that I have 2 of.

    Well my question is which blades have lasted the longest and cut the best for you on Mild Steel. Not asking about the blades for Stainless Steel.

    In my results, the Freud Diablo were NOT as good as the DeWalt. I did use Relton Stick-Kut as my lubricant to keep the blade cool and enhance the life of the blade(s).

    Other Brands I am considering are M.K. Morse, Milwaukee, and Evolution.

    Any help will be useful. Thanks.

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    I have used a lot of Porter Cable blades. They have two different designs. One was an 80-tooth. The other design (72t) has a stabalizer piece on the back of each tooth. I once bought another brand that was 120 tooth that was the smoothest cut ever, but didn't even last through a single project. My 70 tooth DeWalt blade lasted the longest but provided an inferior cut because it was designed for thicker material. I have bought 9 blades so far (most recently an 80t Hitachi that I'm not all that thrilled with).

    Now I once bought a Freud Diablo blade because it was cheap. It was absolute crap. The blade was very unstable and made an inferior cut; but mostly I was afraid that the blade was going to break apart and kill me. Luckily it was only $40 wasted.
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      I've not that impressed with the steel demon blades, though I SWEAR by the Diablo wood blades. The best mild steel blades I've used are by Tenryu...
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        I have been using all DW blades for the most part. I haven't used the Milwaukee 14", but if they are anything like their 8" blades, I will stay as far away from them as possible. Morse blades have been pretty good so far. They have a very good 8" blade and the 14" seemed to do pretty good. The 14" Morse didn't last as long as a good DeWalt though. Plus, I can usually find the DW's cheaper than the Morse blades. Evolutions are next on my list.

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          Thanks for everyone's responses so far. Seems like people like the DeWalt blades. I do too, of the 2 different brands that I had so far. I was going to try Morse, but if the DeWalts are better, then, I'll go with that. Still would like to hear even more opinions if anyone has any more. Maybe someone has used the Evolution Blades for Mild Steel?

          I have a Evolution Stainless Blade 14", that seems to cut through stainless very nicely, but I use that just for Stainless Tubing.


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            14" dry cut saw blades.

            I thought I'd weigh in the conversation. I have a Milwaukee saw and I have tried numerous brands of blades. I have had the best results using the OEM Hitachi Blades. They are also usually cheaper than the OEM Dewalt or Milwaukee Blades. I also noticed they tend to last about 1 and a half times longer than the other brands. For Canadians they are very competitively priced at Anchor products in Saskatoon and Winnipeg , but they do have other stores country wide.
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              I have the Dewalt 872 also. I've had good luck with their blades. The blades list for about $140 but I found a new Dewalt blade on e bay for $70. Then a guy
              on the Hobart site turned me on to the saw blade sharpener that Harbor Freight sells for $59 on sale. It comes with two wheels. One is diamond. I sharpened my original blade and it cuts great if you do it correctly. I can also sharpen my wood blades. I made a small jig for the sharpener to also sharpen
              my tungstens for the tig. Well worth the money. There is a thread I posted on about this on the Hobart site and I think I posted on this forum also with pictures. Search on this forum "saw blade sharpener"
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                Ok, I see a problem. We are being too vague. I am guilty as well. Lets change the posts to a more specific tone. Saying one blades lasts longer than another or several times more doesn't really say much. Lets get more specific on how many cuts approximately.

                For me, Milwaukee blades ($60) didn't do much more than 2-300 cuts on a 8" Metal Saw. They were noticeably duller after 100.

                Metal Devil blades by Morse did much better on the 8" ($45) than the Milwaukee's. Would be at least 250 cuts before they started cutting badly. I would average at least 300-400 cuts with them in general cutting. Thicker cuts would reduce blade life. Blade was the 40 toof model.

                Morse 14", 72 tooth blades ($120) were sharper than the DW blades out of the box. They cut much more smoothly than the DW's. Doing nothing special, general cutting, I was getting only about 1500 cuts before they would start really struggling and getting VERY loud.

                The DeWalt blades are what I have used the most. I have gotten anywhere from 200 (don't ask) to well over 2000 cuts with them. As long as I didn't do anything stupid to kill the blade, I would get about 1800-1900 cuts average out of them before they started getting loud and cuts got harder. At that point, I would usually get about 100 to 200 more cuts and that was it. Best I have done was in the 2600-2700 range. The vast majority of those cuts were on 1/2" to 2"- 11ga and 16 ga tube and 1 1/4" sch 40 pipe...both angle and 90° cuts. As to price on them, I have yet to pay more than $70 for one yet, usually buying at least two or three at a time off Ebay. The blade number is the DW7747, 72 toof blade. Since I stocked up, it has taken me longer to get to the new style tooth of DW7747. I have one on the saw now. So far, it is fine. I only have a couple of hundred cuts on it, so no real data yet. I have noticed the blade is slightly thinner then the old blades. Maybe its nothing, but I wonder about longevity when the thickness is reduced like that. Heat is more apt to affect it than with the thicker one, IMO.

                So, now that I am being more specific, how does that compare to what you guys are getting?

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