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Sand paper source for 12" disk stationary sander

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  • Sand paper source for 12" disk stationary sander

    When you plasma cut like I do, you need a sanding machine to finish things off - actually bought this combo belt and disk sander to square off .065 thick exhaust pipes.

    I can get sanding belts just about anywhere for the machine, currently running craftsman brand "professional" 80 grit - the blue stuff - seems to wear well.

    For the 12" disk (adhesive backed) I'm having trouble finding a source. There is a local woodworking specialty store but their stock is spotty and they are OMGosh expensive. There is HF brand, but that stuff, when its worn out, takes an hour to scrape off the machine and when sanding aluminum, I think more silca came off the paper than aluminum off material (OK, I exaggerate a little - but there is definitely a layer of black dust). So HF, poor sanding, poor quality paper.

    Can someone recommend a source or at least a brand I should be looking at. Mostly sanding steel thin wall tubing - with an occasional block of aluminum. 80 Grit seems O.k. - if not a little conservative.
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    Enco tools has a good selection of 12 inch discs in several styles and grits.
    I have used Enco in the past and have always been happy.


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      Here is where i get mine and i am real happy with the 12" disc's...Bob

      I've bought various grit assortments off Ebay from seller 'barbcat',or in the real world.
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        An easy way to remove the disc's is a heat gun warm it up and it peals off real easy



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          If there still is some glue use GOO BE GONE it works great too...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            All I can say is spend the money on the good stuff.

            Norton Or 3M in my shop only. Nothing else Unless it's a sunday no where else to get what I need.

            Yes they are expensive but they last a lot longer then what the cheep one do.
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