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Control Panel Setting for Airco 300amp Hornet

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  • Control Panel Setting for Airco 300amp Hornet

    I have a Airco 300amp Welder/Generator Hornet. The settings on the two switches on the control panel have faded and I can't read them any more. I believe the left switch(major amperage) has 5 settings and the right switch(fine setting) has 10 settings.
    Can anyone tell what the left switch settings are left to right?? I believe the right switch is 0-10(counter clockwise), is this correct. Thanks for your help. This welder is similar to a 1978 Miller Big 20 but I haven't been able to fine a picture clear enough to figure out the switch settings.

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    You could look here,, download the owner's manual for the Big 20, see if it's similar to what you have. If so, there will be some clear diagrams and/or descriptions in the pdf file.
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      suggestion for user manual

      I did that...and it talks about the settings without using any specific numbers and doesn't show any pictures of the front of the control I don't know if its 100,125,...300 or 100,150,200,...300...


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        An Airco # is a bunch of #'s an letters, soooo if you posted a picture.....


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          Picture of Airco 300 Welder

          Picture of the Airco Control Panel that was faded over time until you can't read the settings.
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            airco superhornet control settings

            here ya go, this is from my airco superhornet 300.
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              Can you buy this one