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    That story has be floating around the welding forums for a few months. But its some good reading...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Looks like the same stuff they were going to switch to in our shop, we do a lot of aluminum welding and the shop foreman wanted to switch to that because it was "non flammable" compared to what we were using. We had been using non chlorinated brake clean, and switched to chlorinated brake clean. The chlorinated brake clean contained that chemical listed on the label shown, I used it twice and made two visits to the ER for allergic reactions, so it was gone from the shop after that. The non chlorinated we use is mostly acetone, flammable but probably much less dangerous that that stuff.
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        Chilling story! I checked our brake cleaner.It`s non-chlorinated.Highlights the value of these forums.


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          cleaning solvents

          Serious issues exist if those products are used in a welding ,or machine shop.Both will strip the oil from your skin instantly leaving an area open to possible infection.The product has been known to splash into the users face, eyes, when being sprayed. I have been using acetone,very flammable, for years. All fire safety precautions must be followed very closely. This includes having only a very small quantity at your work station to clean with and then removed from the immediate area when welding. Follow the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) info if in doubt about flammability or toxicity.Great discussion forum, thanks all.


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            This story has been aroound for a while, but i dont think you can spread this message enough.
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              isoproply alcohol, 100%. Forget the other crap!
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                Don't forget to label your containers. Your "hand" doesn't know what you put in it. And that can get someboby hurt.
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                  I never use solvents to clean my welding area. I always use my acetelyne torch and a stainless brush to clean aluminum prior to welding. I keep acetone around the shop as well as lacquer thinner. Brake cleaner I use on brakes only and carb cleaner on carbs only.

                  I know a couple of guys who start their arc and run it up and down the weld area to clean the weld area.

                  Just a personal preference with me not to use any solvents to clean weld areas with. I even use the torch to take the oils off steel prior to welding.
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