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Correct hole sizes for BBQ burner NG and propane?

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  • Correct hole sizes for BBQ burner NG and propane?

    Hello all, long time reader first time posting. I am just a hobby welder I have a Miller Dynasty 200DX non blue lightening (that really sucks but oh well) a red 110v 135 and a Cutmaster 100. Anyway my question is does anyone here know what the correct hole diameter is for propane and NG. My burners are shot all burned up. I went to the depot where I initially puchased BBQ but they don't have the replacment. So I"m thinking why not fab up my own burners out of some stainless tubing. I'd like to start off with propane sized holes and I believe that the NG holes are larger this will enable me to get my grill back in working order then later I will convert over to NG once I get the pipe extended out to the back yard and puchase the NG regulator.

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    The NG/LPG holes are actually in the orifice at the start of the burner, and is a different piece from the burner itself. For fabbing up a burner a 1/16" hole will work just grand. For your first burner try to make it pretty similar to the stock one, including the venturi and air shutter (might even be able to salvage that part and weld on a new end). If you want to upgrade the BBQ install an adjustable regulator, this will allow you to adjust the flame after you are up and running.


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      Thank you

      I appreciate the info very much. And as you mentioned I do plan on reusing that portion of the tube that slips over the valve. The mesh screen portion what is that called? I believe it is to draw in air for mixing am I correct? I have a 3 bar BBQ I will make one for starters and see how it goes.