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Cheapest solution sheilding gas set-up?

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  • Cheapest solution sheilding gas set-up?


    I just got a new HH 140 Mig welder. What is the cheapest solution in finding a small CO2 tank? What should I expect to pay? Thanks.

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    I picked up a used tank I'm not sure how many cf it is but it's 9" diameter and 36" tall and full of CO2 for $75


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      If you're worried about the cost, pick up at bigger tank -- 80cf -- or you'll go broke with the cost of refills. I paid $140 for a 80cf tank of 75/25 -- but I'm in Los Angeles where everything is expensive.
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        The cheapest solution is to find one used on craigslist, etc. If you do see one you need to buy it quick as they are in demand & are usually sold quickly. I did a quick search & found Tractor Supply sells them at $240 for an 80cuft & $180 for a 40cuft tank. That would be to buy the tank. It's about $30-$40 to fill them. Used I've seen them advertised in the $50 to $125 range. Also note that there is a date stamped on the bottles. Every 10 years they need to be retested which cost about $25. Your local LWS sells them also.
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          Originally posted by cityfrontsailor View Post

          I just got a new HH 140 Mig welder. What is the cheapest solution in finding a small CO2 tank? What should I expect to pay? Thanks.
          You're about 15 minutes from Barnes Welding Supply (Fresno Oxygen).

          4218 Power Inn Rd (1 mile north of Fruitridge Rd)
          Sacramento, Ca 95826

          Industrial gas supply companies maintain quality control and insure their cylinders are regularly tested. They can also provide you with the correct adapters/flow gauges and hoses to connect your gas bottle to your unit safely.

          I purchase 80% of my supplies and consumables from Fresno Oxygen on line (Ram Welding Supply) and I rate them 5 Stars for their customer service, prices, and product availability.
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            He said CO2 so the Tanks will be in LBS not CF
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              I'm not sure about your area, but here in south Florida I found the best thing to do was to buy them from the LWS. Reason was I had one 250 CF cylider I had bought from another owner. Private tank no doubt, however the LWS will not swap it out for a full one. They will fill it and return it to me. But because we are 60 miles from the fill station that means that they take tanks there once a week and you have to wait a week to get it back. So I bought 3 others from them. These owner tanks can be swapped out immediately for full ones and no waiting. They control the Hydro requirements as well.

              IMHO, you will want as big a cylinder as you can handle. As one of our learned compadres has noted, the filling cost can be staggering as you not only pay for the fill but EACH time, you also have a HAZ-MAT fee you have to pay (usually 5.00) per transaction. So filling a 250 versus a 80, you would save 10.00!

              Besides doing business with the LWS can pay big dividends down the road and you can't buy welding gas at WAL-MART or get ups to deliver it.
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