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  • Synchrowave 180 no go

    Hi All -
    I sure could use any guidance available from those more knowledgable than myself.
    While TIG welding some steel tubing I completed a bead, repositioned & then pushed the foot pedal to start another bead I suddenly could not start another arc. The machine still makes the same hum, the digital readout shows the same 70 A max. setting, nothing different. It acted as though the foot control was no longer sending a message to "go".
    I checked the control & found the reostat drive belt still in good shape & the micro switch still cycles on & off, making & breaking continuity @ the male pins (A & B) where the multiconnector plugs into the welder. I also checked the spark gaps (OK). The welder is less than 6 years old & has low hours on it (less than 50).
    Any ideas anyone? Thanks

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    I don't have the specific information, but there have been a lot of arc-start problems with the 180's. I have a low hours 180 and have experienced this problem. I don't know if Miller has an official stance on this..
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      Arc Start Problem - Synchrowave 180

      Thanks for the info tasslehawf. Do you know/remember what was done to fix your arc starting problem? Anyone else out there familiar with this problem on my or other Miller models?


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        I haven't fixed mine. I don't use it that much since I got my Maxstar 200. Do a search for syncrowave 180 to see if there was a posted solution.
        Miller Maxstar 200 DX
        RMLS-14 Momentary Hand Control
        Miller Syncrowave 180 SD
        Porter Cable 14" dry metal saw
        Hitachi 4.5" grinder


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          180 No Arc

          Give the Miller tech center a call tomorrow am. They are really good at walking you through a TS sequence. Asked to speak to the section that deals with you specific machine. Give them your S/N and they will help.
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            no arc start

            I have had my unit for 2-1/2 years and it has been great until yesterday. I can wld for about a minute, low 80 amps max, I am doing sheet metal. The arc stops, but it appears I am still getting the high freq start , because I get a shower of arcs from the cup, like the arc doesn't have a ground. A friend said he had this problem with a different brand and found loose connections at the outlet box. I tightened every connection in my power source and removed all the covers of the unit and put a wrench to everything in it. It still has the problem. It welds for a little while and just stops welding and sizzles with a straying arc. Any hints?


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              Synchrowave 180 no arc - PCB Repair?

              Hi to all.

              Thanks to tasslehawf & captkipp for your responces. Sorry that you too, kruser, are having a somewhat similar problem.

              I followed your suggestion captkipp & contacted Miller tech support & explained my problem. They were very helpful in then walking me through a trouble shooting procedure which, unfortunately, led to the conclusion that I needed a new PCB (printed circuit board - retail is nearly $500).

              I did learn for all those out there that there are 2 fairly common problems with these (earlier) units. Sometimes a capacitor would fail that in hindsight was not up to Miller's expectations, as well as earlier molex recipticals (where the remote foot control plugs into the welder) that failed to keep a solid connection. Unlucky for me, these were not my problem.

              So do any of you out there have any knowledge or experience in getting these PCBs repaired? Recommendations as to folks that do good work for a reasonable cost?

              Thanks for any responces.


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                I am having some issues with a maxstar 151 and some of the guys here have recomended:




                I am still looking for local help.

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                  i had the same problem starting the arc. now all i do everytime is hold the torch on the metal for a sec or two and start welding again. maybe it's grounding the torch, but it works for me