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  • New Dynasty 200 dx

    Hello to all. Been lurking for a while, looking for opinions on the dynasty. I decided to take the plunge and purchased a new one. Have welded stick for many years on the job and hobby, have a Linc 180c for mig, old Canox buzz box (looks like Miller with crank on front) and Forney carbon arc torch. We got a new Linc 225 tig at work and I was hooked. Had to go the extra $ because of lack of power in the garage, 60 a service. Have enjoyed the site, projects, discussions and bantering. I have built too many things to list but have a few pics of some that I will try to post. Thanks Fred

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    Congrats on the new toy! I'm sure you'll love it!
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      Congrats on your purchase.
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        youll like it and its the best stick welder ive ever used


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          You definitely will like this machine! I used a scratch start inverter for 20 years, I now wonder why I waited so long to upgrade.
          mike sr


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            Originally posted by BC Iron works View Post
            youll like it and its the best stick welder ive ever used
            I haven't used too many different stick welders but I have to agree. I love to burn some stick rods with my Dynasty.


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              Welcome to the Miller Welding Forums! And congratulations on you new Miller Dynasty 200.
              Mustangs Forever!

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