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  • looking for work on websites

    hello again its been awhile.i just got layed off again,same co as last year
    same time of year too.i have been checking and looking at other states(i am in mn)i was wondering if i should apply or not.i dont know if they hold a job until you get out there to interveiw or not.

    i have a dynasty300dx,millermatic252 and bridgeport mill ,atlas lathe in my
    garage but no real business.been welding 10yrs last 5 tig and mig stainless
    but no certs so not alot of clout for negotiating wages out of state,and if i did
    get one i still have to pay bills back home and support myself there.

    54years old and not sure what to do any advice ? thanks

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    If you go to and search welder,, or the industrial projects report.
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      Read up on google alerts. You can have google email you any search term you like as it happens.

      I've tried it with welding jobs in SC, and welding needed etc. Seen several jobs with in the state as soon as they hit the web.

      Good luck.


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        You can always apply and if they're interested in interviewing you they will call and you can discuss the details. If you're the candidate they're looking for they most likely will work with you on the move time. I've done this before and some companies will wait for you to make the move, usually a couple of weeks anyway.

        Good luck on your job search!

        Oh by the way Ohio seems pretty dead in the job market right now.
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          thanks for the responses,sorry it took so long to get back computer went dead.ill keep looking and check out those sites.hope things turn around for everyone. shoprat