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    I have an assortment of files. Some cut really well and some don't. Are there any brands that you have found to be of good quality? Should I be doing anything special to care for them so that they cut better?

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    Dont pull

    Always push a file, never drag it. It was made to cut only one direction. Also, keep them separated, not contacting each other.



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      Get a file card and keep them clean as well.

      Nicholson is a good brand in general, but there are plenty of others that are just as good, even some imports from Asia. The Swiss make great stuff also.

      The cut of the file makes a HUGE difference in the work. Fine, coarse, single-cut, double cut, they all have their uses.
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        After using my files I usually nail them with a high pressure air stream from the compressor. It blows out a bunch of stuff that gets caught in the teeth. It wont revive a really well worn file but it helps keep them going longer.


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          Thanks for the advice.


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            You can resharpen a file by soaking it in Muriatic acid for a few days. Worked remarkably well the one time I tried it...
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              I have recently read a tip to use beeswax (or WD-40) on a file for use with aluminum to keep them clean. If they don't cut, throw them out and get new ones - a bad file is just too much to use!
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                good quality file card

                Here is one place you can get a good file cleaner. HD some other stores are carrying really cheap stuff made in China.

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                  Hey, Thanks for all of the tips. The Muratic acid idea is awesome!!!! I googled it and there was a great deal of information on restoring files and cutting tools with acid based products.


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                    The muratic acid does work, thats an old blacksmith trick. The acid will etch the file enhancing the cutting edges.
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                      I alwase run mine through chalk befor using. ever sence I started doing this I found my files last almost twice as long.


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                        sharping file...

                        When my file gets dull I simply spin on a new grinding disc....
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                          I occasionally soak rusty parts in a small vat of warm vinegar to remove rust (actually a Pyrex dish on a camp stove). I had this system set up a couple of days ago out in the garage and just to see what would happen I pitched in a file that I keep to my vise. It would still cut but was partially clogged up with aluminum and grease. After less than an hour in the vinegar bath that file was like new, I do not remember when it cut so well. Other acids may work better but in this case warm vinegar is all that was necessary for great results.

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