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millermatic 185 spool gun kit

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  • millermatic 185 spool gun kit

    i read on this thread, that there was a kit for connecting my older 185 to a spool gun i think its a 1996 model by the serial number kg189635. i know its the first one national welders received in Charlotte when i bought it . my friend bought one about 2 years latter and it has the connection points for a spool gun.

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    You would need a 186871 retro-fit kit to add the Spoolmate 185 or Spoolmate 3035 spoolgun to your machine.

    Any Millermatic 185 built prior to serial # KH376829 would need this kit.
    Kevin Schuh
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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      thanks i get one ordered


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        I dug this old thread up while I was looking for info for a spool gun for my Millermatic 185. The Spoolmate 185's are hard to find, and I know that a Spoolmate 3035 will work on my machine without a retro fit kit, but I was wondering if either a Spoolmate 100, or Spoolmate 200 (I know where I can get either one relativly cheap, and hardly used) would work on my machine without a retro fit. The serial number on my Millermatic 185 is KJ305049 (I only plan on using it for small jobs that may require a bead no longer than 2" at a time, and it's not for "rush" production type jobs). I plan on eventually selling my 185, and getting a Autoset 211, or 212, so the gun would need to be able to work the Autoset also.

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          The spoolmate 100 hooks up where your mig gun was.
          And the spoolmate 200 hooks up like the 185/3035 gun but the gas hookup is different. It may work for you.
          Did you look on ebay?...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            I really love to get one spool gun kit. Is it really effective?


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              Originally posted by johnstonad View Post
              I really love to get one spool gun kit. Is it really effective?
              Yup. Mine does nothing but make me money...Bob
              Bob Wright