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    Hey Sonora Iron, You posted a pic in the testing of welds thread of a bender. Didn't want to get caught up in that thread but I was thinking it looks like the same bender HF sells, is that the one?

    If so, would you or anybody else recommend Harbor Freights bender?

    I need one for some of my own testing. I'm gona practice with the Dynasty 200 and see how it stick welds. I did run a few rods with it and I was impressed. I'm no pro and haven't stick welded in many blue moons but it sure felt good. I was also checking out the video camera with welding so I'll post it but it wasn't anything serious.

    I see no limitations with the 200DX as a stick machine, well maybe duty cycle but haven't looked in the manual for that with stick.

    so a second question is, what do you guys think about stick welding with this machine?

    Just trying out the welder on some plate.

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    Best 49 bucks i ever spent. I have bent 100's of thousands of parts and still going...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      That be the one!
      The first bend is the easiest! Making all the rest the same is the hard part.

      I use my 300 DX on stick all the time! I think you’d have to be really getting after it with some 5/32 7018 or 7024 to hit the duty cycle, but then again I never used a 200.
      These are "my" views based only on “my” experiences in “my” little bitty world.


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        You got that right I had a lot of bends that only matched themsleves. I poured concrete base for a machine and the superintendant wanted to know if I had the bolts in the right place. I guaranteed him that one would be right, he left scratching his head.


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          Originally posted by Sonora Iron View Post
          That be the one!
          Making all the rest the same is the hard part.
          I tell people that the things that I make are one of a kind. I just don't tell them why.


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            LOL Jim,
            Guess I will pick up one of these when I can get to town.