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5G pipe weld problems

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  • 5G pipe weld problems

    Hey everone, im in welding school right, and i am doing a 5G pipe weld, 3/32" 6010 ROOT, 3/32" 7019 fill on 6" sched. 40 pipe. My problem is, i can get a nice weave cover on the top 75% of the pipe, but the bottom of the pipe, i cant get a decent root or weave cover. The rest of the pipe, my root is okay. I guess my biggest problem is probably stability and controlling the rod.
    Does anybody have ideas for a how to stabilize yourself for pipe welding?

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    Originally posted by RTCmiller View Post
    Does anybody have ideas for a how to stabilize yourself for pipe welding?
    In a test situation I use a pony clamp with just a long enough piece of pipe clamped on the end of the pipe to rest my off arm, on site I use a pipe wrench or strap wrench hooked over the pipe to rest my arm on.
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      Sounds like you need to spend some time practicing welding plate in the overhead position. That will help you with welding the bottom 1/4 of the pipe.
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        Comfort is very important when doing a pipe welding test.
        I've used a set of vise grips clamped to the end of my pipe support to rest my hands on. I've seen other guys weld an L shaped bracket with flat bar and weld that to the pipe support to rest their hands on.
        Get into a comfortable position with your body and your hands that allows you to move your hands around the pipe with no restrictions. This will ensure that no poor electrode movement happens.
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