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Dynasty 200 startup problems... again.

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  • Dynasty 200 startup problems... again.

    Our trusty Dynasty200 has been acting up again.

    When turned on you can hear it hum, but no readout.
    I was told this may be caused by the flexible power cable protector that may dig in the power cable and cause it to fail.
    I removed the said protector last year and that seemed to solve the problem, but last month it starting doing it again, you can hear it hum, but no readout. After turning it on and off for maybe 5 minutes it would sometimes start, Now it just refuses to cooperate.

    I would like to know if there is an easy fix, if it's worth to send it for a tune-up (it's 5 years old). And if it is caused by a faulty power cable, why is it so sensitive and how could I do a permanent (and inexpensive) fix.


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    You may have to shorten the primary comming into the machine. If damage has been done, it's still there. Least wise thats what I had to do for preventative maintenance on around a thousand of these and the maxstars over the years.


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      What should I look for in terms of Damage? And why is such a large guage cable so sensitive?


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        I checked the entire length of primary cable and couldn't find any bumps, lumps, or binds that would indicate damage. I even re-wired the cable in the machine and the connector. After flicking the switch on and off I managed to get it working once.

        I have another length of cable that I could try and wire to see if it makes a difference, but before I do that, is there anything else, no matter how remote, that might cause this malfunction?


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          The damage is under the strain relief going into the machine. You want to make sure the switch is wire correctly as well, left to right it's black, white, red.

          Make sure the 2 top boards are tight into the main board, and the top plastic holders are still locked to the boards


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            Your main switch may be damaged, might want to meter it.


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              Thanks for the speedy reply!

              I rewired it with a new Primary cable, same results.

              The new cable had 3 wires in it; ground, black, white. The old cable had 4, ground, black, white, and red. The white wasn't wired in the connector, so when I rewired in the new cable I connected the white in the red slot, since the red was the one that was wired in the old connector... if that makes any sense, I'm far from being an electrician.

              For the record, the machine is usually plugged on 120.


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                Ah no, red is ONLY for 3 phase, nothing goes there if you don't have it.

                If something was there and used, I'd guess you've popped the control board, or mod board.