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  • Dynasty 300 question

    Hi all,

    New to the site. Have been reading it for a while. I have the opportunity to buy a used Dynasty 300 SN LA160307. Won't get a chance to try it out. Infomation on it says the HF start doesn't work. It will scratch start supposedly. Only other comment is - it will need a new HF generator. Any thoughts on what that might mean - or does that make sense for this type of welder.

    It is currenlty owned in a university lab for students to use. I am trying to understand what I might be looking at for repair costs before I make a bid on the machine. I will just be using it for my shop at home.

    Thanks for any help.

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    You'll need a HF board. They're around $400.
    You might want to check the HF points. It should be at .010. Need to pull the cover to check.
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      I love buying non working items from goverment agencies....Lots of the time it is something simple. Most time they are to lazy to fix it.
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        Thanks for the info - will let you know.


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          Might even be more simple than that.

          Being that it is in a school, it wouldn't surprise me if someone got into the microprocessor settings and goofed them up.

          First thing I would do when I got it home was do a SYSTEM RESET. Then start taking your checks.