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Adapting an Airco AH20-E spoolgun to a MM250

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  • Adapting an Airco AH20-E spoolgun to a MM250

    Hi all,

    I have a Millermatic 250. I also have a spoolmate 185 and an old Airco AH20-E spoolgun (same as the Spoolmatic I). The Airco is currently setup to run off of a gas drive CC welder with a Wc-3 controller and contactor box.

    I have a relatively heavy aluminum project in the works and I need to set up my equipment to handle it. Up until now I relied on my TIG setup to do aluminum work as most of it has been small projects. This one is different.

    I lean towards using the Airco unit as it is a heavy duty spoolgun whereas the Spoolmate 185 using an SGA 100 controller (which I would have to buy) is rated at only 150amps and 60% duty cycle. I would like more beef than that.

    Can it be done? What equipment would I need? The MM250 has an optional spoolgun module (which mine doesn't have) however I don't know if they are still available as this machine is almost 15 years old.

    The pictures show the original spoolmatic 1 and a clone of the Airco AH20-e made by Profax. It is identical to the Airco unit with minor differences.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Please advise,


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