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    Iam new at this I bought myself a a 252 MillerMatic its been sitting in storage for a year now do to moving ect..Now I want to buy a generator to hook it up and gettr done please tell me what is the lowest wattage generator..horsepower ect that i can run my welder with without screwn up my new welder ..thnx

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    Amps x Volts = Watts !

    Hi; I think your welder draws 42Amps., so 42 x 240V. = 10,080 Watts !
    So you can take it from there, 11- 12,000 watt generator would likely do.
    Big Welder Big Draw !!

    ............ Norm
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      Look for old posts on this

      If I remember correctly this machine isn't generator friendly due to its build. They recomended the tap machines and simpler rheostat controlled machines.


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        Correct on the last post so unless you have an expensive Asynchronous generator or a T-arc Predator or T-bird kicking around, then you won't get a low budget genset to run your unit without smoke damage.....


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          Local power plan works well and cables come right to your door
          I know I'm a smart Arse.
          But it is a huge machine and with out a huge investment in a generator Good Luck
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