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Which spoolmate to buy?

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  • Which spoolmate to buy?

    I'm looking at a spoolmate in the future ( as funds will allow ) and I'm looking for opinions.
    I have a Miller DVI2 mig welder, and the miller site shows two options.
    1. spoolmate 200 with a 300338 kit and a 195287 kit(haven't been able to find a price on the 195287 kit on this site??)
    2. spoolmate 3035 with a 300338 kit
    I think it's going to be mostly lighter gauge stuff, nothing to thick. I'm just using it for home/hobby/poor man's racing
    Or do I save my pennies, buy a tig welder and learn how to use it????

    Thanx in advance

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    I would love to have the NEW Spoolmate 200 to try out. I have a 3035 and love it. I did a aametalmaster conversion to the bigger normal size tips and it works perfect everytime. So the 3035 prob would suit you well...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      MIL 195287 retails for $ 68.00
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