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Miller 211 verses 252

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  • Miller 211 verses 252

    Could I please have some advice? I am deciding between a Miller 211 and
    a Miller 252. I currently have a Hobart Beta Mig 250 which to say the least
    has not been a good deal,lot's of problems. On the 252 are the digital settings easy to use? Would you rather have the larger welder? With the 211,will it take alot of welding,most people just weld and forget the duty cycle? I just want a simple welder that is reliable. The Hobart has not been.Has anyone used the spool gun on the 211 for welding aluminum?Thank you for your time.

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    Comparing a 211 to a 252 is like comparing a .22 plinker to a .357 Magnum.

    If you plan to do "a lot" of welding, buy the 252. You give up the portability, but you've got a welder that you won't outgrow. The digital readouts are "very easy" to use.
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      If you need dual voltage capability and the ability to use it mobile, the 211 is a great choice. If you're looking for something to keep in the shop and run off 220v and weld heavier material, the 252 is an excellent choice and can't be beat. The spool gun that goes with the 252 (Spoolmatic 15A/30A, about $1000) is alot more money than the one that goes with the 211 (Spoolmate 100, about $150), but it is alot better spool gun that will last you a lifetime.
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        211 vs. 252

        I have a previous version of the 252--the 251. It's darn near idiot proof. I have run everthing on this machine from big flux core on thick steel to stainless wire and bare wire. I've used the thing for days on end running 035 aluminum wire on 3/8 material and it never hick upped. I would buy the 252 if I was looking for a shop machine. Better yet get the 350p and have it all.
        Either one can easily be loaded up and taken to a job site with two guys or a ramp to get it into the truck. But comparing the two is like deciding on apple or chocolate pie. Both are good at what they do but both are better at not trying to do what the other does well. Portability vs. Power.
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          I got to say this is NOT an apples to apples comparo.

          40% duty cycle Vs 60%, 3/8th in Vs 1/2 in.

          That said the 211 (which I own) offers some advantages...can run off 110 if you have to. Some degree of portability due to its smaller size and of course 110v is almost always available whereas 220 sometimes is no.

          Finally there is the $1197 Vs $2552 MSRP.

          If your pocket book can handle it and you have a NEED for it, then go with the MM 252, just remember you are not apples to apples here. IMO the 211 is one of the best rigs ever and if you wanted to sell it there would be a line in front of your shop to buy it.
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            The 252 is twice the machine as a 211.


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              I just got a 211 with spool gun about 2 months ago. Bought it for welding aluminimum as I already had a stick machine. Like the post above it depends what you want to do with it. I bought mine as a home shop machine. Have a couple of bigger welders mig and tig at work and friends with the same I can use most anytime. Problem is I hated having to load up all the parts and take them and then having something push me for time. Having it at home allows for an easy pace for fab work. It was half the price of the 252 as I looked at it also, that was one point, the others being portability, voltage capability and storage space. If you are going to use it for any kind of business get the big one. Other than that, I have been very pleased with the 211. I do have the safety net of being able to tack something up and take it to a bigger machine if needed, but so far I have welded up to 1/4" aluminum with it and had to back off a little cause I was burning through at first. Also duty cycle on the gun, weld at those higher setting and the wire will start to melt in the tip after a few minutes of constant bead running. Just don't try to fab up a big project and then spend a half hour running constant welds. Other thing to look at is change over, the bigger maching lets you hook up a spool gun and have the standard whip still in place, the 211 you have to take it off to change, its easy. Takes about 3 minutes to swap to spool gun. Good Luck.
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                I know this is a Miller forum but I have an old Beta mig 250 that I acquired for cheap. Turning on the machine the fan comes on and the feeder works but arc. I am using flux cores wire so I changed the polarity but after reading the manual changed it back.


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                  Originally posted by Rhall View Post
                  I know this is a Miller forum but I have an old Beta mig 250 that I acquired for cheap. Turning on the machine the fan comes on and the feeder works but arc. I am using flux cores wire so I changed the polarity but after reading the manual changed it back.
                  You also need to start your own thread with the machine and problem in its own subject line. Miller and Hobart are under the same parent company now, and these forums are frequented by the same guys, so no problem asking about a Hobart machine here.

                  "The feeder works but arc..." Is something missing from that sentence?


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                    I meant to say no arc. I thought I was starting a new thread. The phone app is a little confusing at times