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welding on MURIATIC ACID

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  • welding on MURIATIC ACID

    MY question is if the muriatic acid is not completely washed of by rain or washing what are/will be the results and how harmful is it? Some stuff i am working on have been washed in the acid to make it rust for blasting and before welding which is stupid i know but not my call in that..i have welding on parts that have been blasted and not have the acid on it and not near the problems, i am trying to figure out if it is for sure the acid making my issues and extreme smoke making it hard to breath and see or the silicon from the blasting sand still stuck in the cracks making it hard to breath and see, i can not say what i am welding inside and out of but it is A36 grade steel plate rolled into pipe form..any and all comments and suggestion are welcome...

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    I use Mutatic Acid all the time to wash the plating off of my bolts for my train bridge sections as well as rust on some parts. But all of my work has been washed with baking soda and hot water to remove/nutralize the acid. Maybe you can use a squirt bottle and spray some soda/hot water in the crack and let it dry...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I'm no chemistry major but....
      -Muriatic acid is just another name for Hydrochloric acid HCl).
      -HCL is a molecule composed of Hydrogen(H) and Chlorine (Cl).
      -HCL decomposes into H+ and Cl.
      -Cl is a gas at room temperature.
      -Chlorine gas is heavier than air, will collect at low points, and is considered deadly.
      -Deadly gases can kill you in strong enough concentrations.

      Here's a link to nerdy chemistry discussion about making FE02 (rust) with HCL.

      If the deadly gas thing isn't bad enough to discourage you, everything nice and shiny (your welder) within spitting distance of this rusty pipe creation is going to flash rust/corrode because apparently the acid was never neutralized.

      I'd tell whoever wants this mystery pipe (art project?) welded to get it away from my shop.
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        I would think your breathing problem is caused by the acid not the silica blasting sand. Acid is bad enough when its cool, heating it up as in welding really makes it agressive to the soft moist tissues..
        mike sr