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spoolmatic 3 to mm250x

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  • spoolmatic 3 to mm250x

    Can a spoolmatic 3 be connected to a mm250x?

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    who is the resident expert on the old spoolmatic guns? Can a spoolmatic 3 be hooked up to a mm250x?


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      The Spoolmatic 3 can be hooked up to the Millermatic 250X. You will need to use a Millermatic PSA adapter (195019). This will hook in between the 10 pin amphenol on the front of the machine and go to the 14 pin amphenol on the Spoolmatic 3. The adapter will also need to be plugged into a 115 VAC wall outlet.


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        Thanks Steve. I looked up the part on miller4less and its $268. I think for now I'll keep my exisiting rig spoolmatic 1 with wc-1s. I was trying to aquire another gun similar to mine, in order to swap and give my exsiting one to my father in law. what do you guys think of these older guns and how do they compare to the newer 30a?