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  • Got a promotion at work

    i'm a TIG weldor

    now im a weldor, rail installer, finisher, and general shop help(i do it all).i get to help out with welding when they are busy enough(like now) and i only work part time during the school year though. i got a pay raise tho to

    had a very slow start i spent at least 10-11 hrs on 10'ish of rail. it was my first time doing anything like that though i had to ask the other guys where to weld and where not to, and some other stuff.Not to mention i'm still the shop help and at least once every 20-30 minutes i had to stop and help someone with something. welds weren't the prettiest either but its different welding/fabricating something than it is welding on scrap. i'm sure i'll get better in time.

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    congrats on your move up the ladder
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      You should savor your time being a helper , you will learn many valuable tricks from the old hands. One day you'll realize how nice it was when you got to take in wisdom from many different folks. Cherish it because one day you'll be the old guy having fun with the helper. Congrats on the promo.
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