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welding cast intake man.

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    Another Engine.......

    Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
    It must be a Mercury Marine 351W. My buddy had one in his boat. It would do 51 MPH all day and not one drop faster. I would just look for another motor...Bob
    Yep, but make the next one a 460 They sound REAL nice on the lake

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      welding cast

      Had lots of luck simply preheating, using a high-nickel tig rod, and then either stuffing it into sand or sandwiching in mineral wool. Ceramic insulation works quite well


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        If it's cracked through the cam bearing journals I'd scrap the block and start over. You can probably even find a brand new Windsor block at Summit Racing Equipment. One thing though about marine engines and I learned the hard way in most applications the engine runs in reverse of the normal rotation. Bought a 22' cigarette back in 85 with a 454 LS6 and blew it to smitherines the first trip out with it. I replaced it with a blown 460 Ford only to find out the engine was running the opposite direction it needed to run in my boat. Once I straightened out the rotation situation I ran the daylights out of that boat for 3 years and I mean I beat on it hard!!!

        I'd opt for a new block salvage the crank, put a new cam in it, forged aluminum pistons & rods and a cast aluminum performance manifold, but personally I'd put a B&M huffer on top of it for a little extra Umph!!!!
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