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  • Econotig problem

    Hi All!
    I picked up a used Econotig 150 which I use primarily for TIG aluminum and steel. The problem is that after I take my foot off the pedal the arc will continue almost as long as the gas afterflow. If I pull the torch from the work the arc draws out and eventually breaks but other welders I have used the arc stops when the pedal is released and just the gas flows for a few seconds. Also the arc that runs on is hot enough to weld with, too hot for anything thin. My last TIG, a Lin-Tech would just put out a trickle of high frequency when the pedal was slightly depressed and was much easier to weld thin material. Is this problem a characteristic of this machine or something that can be adjusted or fixed? I took the pedal apart and cleaned the carbon track on the wiper resistor but it didn't make much or any difference that I can tell. Thanks for any help!

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    The arc should be dead as soon as you let off of the pedal.

    I don't really know that much about the internals of the machine to give any ideas where to start fixing the problem.

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