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    Been looking into it my self so fare it looks to be the cheaper rout for set up about 400.00 cheaper or so.But am not looking to do any cutting with it only brazing and heating.People Ive talked to say if you learn to set it up just right it cuts real good.
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      You can not weld with anything but acetylene
      All other fuel gases can only be used for cutting, heating and bending, soldering and some brazing. You can not weld with a filler rod added to puddling metal and get a proper welded joint.
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        Originally posted by PTsideshow View Post
        You can not weld with anything but acetylene
        All other fuel gases can only be used for cutting, heating and bending, soldering and some brazing.
        This is not really true. You forgot about a fuel gas called: HYDROGEN
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          Hydrogen is for aluminum.
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            Originally posted by SGS Welding View Post
            Hydrogen is for aluminum.
            Hydrogen could be used for anything from welding/cutting to powering our cars/powerplant to cooking and heating. ANYTHING. And to think that the fuel combination which produces the hottest possible flame is contained in WATER, the most abundant free energy source on the planet. With HH0 you can weld steel to stone and the temperature burns hot as the sun. There was a man named Stanley Meyer who invented a water powered car back in the late 80's. He was murdered in 1997. He described a method other than "brute force" electrolysis. He stated that he used voltage potential with rapid increase then collapse of voltage fields. Need to use tesla tech coil 5,000+ volts pulsed with matching coil windings. This guy did so much with "ionization" of inert gasses and also ambient air in order to increase output.
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              The reason acetylene is used as the fuel for welding steel is due to the fact that the other fuels result in high concentrations of hydrogen in the flame, which get into the weld.
              For steel, hydrogen = bad. Propane will weld steel if you have the right tip, but the weld will be complete garbage due to hydrogen embrittlement and cracking.

              As far as cutting with propane...

              I have used propane for years and it has saved me huge amounts of money over time. Propane heats just as fast as acetylene (if you have the proper size tip) and the quality of the cut is identical. After all, the stream of oxygen is what does the cutting. The gas only preheats the metal to bring it up to a reactive temperature. And as far as the temperature of the flame, 5100F vs 5700F, that's almost completely irrelevant for two reasons. First, that's way past the melting range of steel. Second, propane makes more energy per unit volume than acetylene. For a practical example of what it means for one medium to have a higher energy density at a slightly lower temperature, try the following:

              Put your hand in a 250 degree oven and feel the hot air. Now put your hand in a stream of 220 degree live steam and feel the difference. The steam is colder than the oven, right? But it has a higher energy density (like propane flame) and that's why it burns you instantly.

              That said, why isn't propane more popular?

              The problem is that:
              1-Some people try to use propane with an acetylene cutting tip. It will hardly cut sheet metal and they tell everyone and their brother how bad propane cuts.

              2-Some people actually have a propane tip, but they don't adjust the flame right. As strange it would seem, it adjusts differently than acetylene.

              3-Some people try to cut with the preheat flame impinging the inner cone on the the steel (like you would with an acetylene flame), with terrible results. You must heat your cut with the very outer tip of the flame cones.

              4-Some people expect a propane tip of similar diameter to do the work of a similarly sized acetylene tip. Propane tips run larger.

              I use propane and love it. One great advantage is being able to run any tank full bore without worrying about it exploding.

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