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Miller Legend 200 LE / no spark

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  • Miller Legend 200 LE / no spark

    I have a Miller Legend 200 LE welder/gen set and I can not get any spark.
    We have looked at it and can not figure out what is going on with it.
    When you turn the starter switch to the on postion you get a single spark at the spark plug.
    And then when you turn it to the starting postion and crank over the engine you get no spark???
    All the grounds and wires look good.
    Can some one tell me where to look and what to check for this problem?

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    Maybe you can download the manual here

    It is listed under 'Miller Legend'. There is a trouble shooting chart near the end of the manual.

    Good luck...
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      no spark

      Thanks I found the manual.
      I was not able to find any help at the trouble shooting section of it.
      So I still have the same problems.
      Help please???


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        I'd guess that the pulse generator or magnetic pickup of the flywheel is defective