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need to splice some 2"x2" sq tube

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  • need to splice some 2"x2" sq tube

    Hey guys/gals,
    I've got a project going that I need to splice some square tube (2"x2", 14 ga.) and wanted to know any ideas out there to clamp/secure the two pieces end to end and weld without (or with minimal) distortion. Any clamping ideas? Thanks ahead for the help.

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    Take a short piece of angle ( length depends on the length of your tube), clamp both ends in the angle and weld away.


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      Thanks old sporty

      That's what I was originally thinking, hopefully that will work well, just wasn't sure if there was any other contraptions out there. I'll just go with that. Thank you


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        Maybe just give it a tad of gap before you weld it. Like .030 or so...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Gapping it

          Ya, I'll gap it slightly. Just want it to turn out "pretty" with the materials the individual gave me to work with. He didn't want to buy new (can't blame him) and already had the 2"x2". It's just a small firewood rack, just don't want it all fubar......ya know. Thanks guys


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            PL Weld,

            Had a similar situation involving welding SS tube.

            Took 24" stick of 2"x2" angle and tacked it to a 1/2"x3"x24" mild steel backing plate. Then took the portaband and cut out a 2" notch in the middle of the angle. That way, I could rotate the tubing without the weld bead having to contact the angle.

            Just one way, I guess.
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              If you want to get fancy, you can use a pipe clamp, the vice grip style Bessy ones work good. Otherwise, clamping in 2 pieces of angle works fine for tacking it up, then remove and weld.
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                These work well for pipe, can’t see where it wouldn’t work for square tube.
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                  i probably wouldn't even bother with any jigs. i'd probably just lay the two 2x2 sections to the table, line em up with a long straight edge, clamp the p!ss out of them, then tack. but that's just me, and i happen to have a thick flat table.
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