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Differences between earlier Dynasty 200DX and the current model (2009)

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  • popspipes
    Dynasty 200 DX

    Mine is the Blue lightning and has the latest features, bought it in March 2009
    serial number is: LJ400605L.

    There was a post awhile back that had the serial number discussion, I did a quick search and didnt find that particular thread.

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    Here's one old thread that might help ....

    Do a search, this has been discussed quite a bit previously.

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  • Differences between earlier Dynasty 200DX and the current model (2009)

    Hi All,

    New member here but I have been using Miller products for a long time. I'm looking at buying a used Dynasty 200DX that was manufactured in 2003. (I Need it to replace my Maxstar 91 that died and needs a new board that is no longer available ) I was wondering if the Dynasty 200DX changed much since then? The current models have the "blue lightening" arc start and the auto voltage sensing for 120 and 240 volts, and the AC waveform select. Anybody know what year model these features were introduced on?

    With or without it is still a great portable machine and the price is right. I welded with a syncrowave 250 for years but that's a bit tricky to get in the trunk of the car!