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Eutectic 225 AC Welder + SD Lee HF Arc Stabilizer

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  • Eutectic 225 AC Welder + SD Lee HF Arc Stabilizer

    What does anyone thik about this unit? Sorry to bother.

    I want to (better) weld 1/2" square aluminum tubing with 18ga/.0478" wall thickness- typically.

    "Eutectic 225 AC Welder with an SD Lee HF Arc Stabilizer for Tig welding and arc stabilizing. Comes with a Flow Meter, 200 amp air/gas cooled torch, and arc leads. Mounted on a castered cart."

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    As I recall, could be wrong, that machine was designed as a stick welder and has no remote capability. If trying to weld aluminum with it for any length of time, you may burn it up unless it's real thin stuff. The transformer in these stick type machines were not designed to absorb the heat generated with AC TIG welding. This is why a 250A stick only machine is much smaller than a 250A Tig/stick machine. The transformer and stabilizers are HUGE in the tig machines.

    Hate to see ya throw good money at it.