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Diversion 165 vs Precision 225

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  • Diversion 165 vs Precision 225

    I haven't been here in awhile but I'm hoping I can get some input. I've yet to come across a comparison of these two "entry level" tig machines. I won't be doing anything heavy duty mostly hobby type stuff (car and motorcycle and maybe some minor chromoly chassis repair down the road).

    The miller is cheaper in price and has a lower output (160 A), no foot pedal and no (?) stick capability (?)

    The lincoln is more expensive and also a higher output. The output is rated at 230 A , has a foot control and can do stick

    I'm sure I'm missing a lot but I'm hoping more experienced folks can point me in the right direction and enlighten me . So those who've used both machines please chime in !

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    There is really no comparing these 2 machines. They are of different types and made for different catagories.

    The area at which you will be welding, the Diversion with the foot control option would suit your need fine.

    IF you want a true comparison, the Syncrowave 200 would be our machine that falls in the Prec-tig 225.

    The Diversion is an inverter with a refined arc vs the Syncrowave/Precision Tig Solid State Transformer/Rectifier type machine.

    If it were me, I'd save the $$ and go Diversion W/foot control.



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      Originally posted by SundownIII
      "The lincoln is more expensive and also costs more".


      Tells me everything I need to know.
      Good to know you're also an online english professor . Now that you caught a mistake in my post how about something about the welders.


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        Originally posted by havik180 View Post
        Good to know you're also an online english professor . Now that you caught a mistake in my post how about something about the welders.
        Hey Havik 180,
        That's a really good question. The Diversion is an inverter so it will be very compact. Being an inverter it will be quite frugal with respect to power consumption. As for portability, inverters are compact. Price is another consideration. The diversion can be had for $1275. If you need to stick weld the Diversion would not be a consideration. From your description the Diversion sounds like the right choice. In addition, your assumption is correct, it is a WELDING Forum. If one is concerned with grammar this is not the correct forum.


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          The one thing I dislike about the Diversion is the fact that the torch is permanently attached to the unit. Meaning you're only torch option is the supplied 150 amp torch.


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            Originally posted by Danny View Post
            The one thing I dislike about the Diversion is the fact that the torch is permanently attached to the unit. Meaning you're only torch option is the supplied 150 amp torch.
            I thought that you could change the torch, but changing it requires opening the case. Maybe someone who owns a Diversion could set us straight.


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              Yes you can change the torch or even easier is pulling the handle back and just changing the head.

              We normally change the head on the machines we put in the race teams with a #9 air cooled.

              Very easy to do. Takes 2 minutes.



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                How about stainless ? Will the Diversion do stainless well ? I'm may be asking/hoping for a lot in the price range but I'd like to invest in something I probably won't out grow as a hobbyist not a professional.



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                  Originally posted by havik180 View Post
                  How about stainless ? Will the Diversion do stainless well ?
                  Yes, steel and stainless are both DC.
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                    This thread kinda makes me have second thoughts on the diversion.It seems like everyone thinks its crap weather they've tried it or not. I know the thread is old but do these feelings still stand now that it's been out for awhile ? Is it really a piece of crap or just super basic ?

                    I know people typically ( by nature ) always want more than they need weather its cars, motorcycles , computers whatever. The bigger is better mentallity .

                    Anyways I really want some UNBIASED opinions from people who have used them not neccasarily own them. I dont want to be stuck with something and regret it .



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                      That thread was so old, it was even out before the machine was totally in production.

                      People were making snap judgments on a machine they didn't even use.

                      I think you will find that people that have them, love them unless they are really looking for a machine that stick welds also.



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                        I didn't realize that the diversion wasn't out when that thread was going on . Obviously I am pretty new to TIG welding (I'm no expert but I have MIG, stick and oxy experience) so I dont really understand what one might need a pulse feature of Hz adjustment for ?


                        Since its kinda of in your field would you use the diversion to do chassis/cage repairs in your shop ?


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                          The Diversion was out but not in full release across the whole Country. Very few people had them and most people were reading specs on line or discounting the machine as a useless hobby machine.
                          Many got offended by the "Welding for Dummies" book that was included.
                          The machine is designed for beginners and has arc performance of a higher end inverter that's preset at a optimal arc control setting.

                          As far as chassis, sure I would use it. I don't use pulse when doing chassis work anyway.

                          Many of our NASCAR teams use it on transporters for their at track welding. It's quick and easy and has enough power for anything on chassis unless you are doing heavy off road chassis frames or 4X4 rear end tubes.

                          Good luck


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                            I went through the same quandary, Precision TIG 225, Syncrowave 250 or Diversion. In the end I decided that the Diversion had enough umph for what I needed to do (turns out I can totally puddle 3/16" aluminum with it!), was probably easier to learn (**** hobbiest that I am) without all the adjustments, and was more portable, an important consideration for taking it along to the cottage or my brothers' places for odd jobs. Before I bought it I had a chat with a contract welder at work - probably about the best welder I've ever seen. He suggested that once you get the more complicated machines set up the way you want them, you leave them at that setting.

                            Attached are a couple of pics of some stainless steel light holders I made, welding .065 tube to 3/16" stock. This was my first crack at welding stainless steel. Common perception was this was not possible, but it turned out to be a piece of cake, as long as I let the metal cool between welds. I should have purged the inside of the tube with Argon though for a cleaner job.

                            The other pic is some of my first aluminum project, a dock, welding 1/8" tube to 1/4" tube.

                            Realistically, if you don't need to go over 3/16", it is a great machine. If you need heavier, go for the heavier and pricier hardware. The really unfair comparisons are the Dynasty vs. Diversion!

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                              i have a diversion and i like it very much very easy to use. there is a pulsing unit you can buy. i don't think anyone has posted on here giving it a review yet.

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