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  • Mm 185?

    Senior members of the forum, respectfully asking, what is your take on a older MM185 in average condition for $600, with what the owner claims are no issues? No tank, just welder, regulator, and gun and cables. I need a unit to handle both small body panel patch work, and up to and including automotive frame work at the home shop non-business level. I am not ashamed at not being a expert, and are concerned with only 6 tap voltage settings. I was very comfortable with the infinite settings for power on my MM135. Really helped as a novice welder. Thank you.

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    That's average money for those. I've seen them up to $700 around here.

    The 185 is a good machine. If anything is wrong with it, it's usually is the gun or weld contactor. Easy fix. That machine is large enough for the big spools of wire but it has a small drive motor in it and the 8" spools work much better.
    It wasn't too long ago where you couldn't walk 5 ft in any direction at Hendrick Motorsports without bumping into one of those 185 migs. They built all their chassis with them for years before we upgraded them with new machines.

    Good luck


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      Thank you andy!!

      I know all the GREAT folks at Miller would love it if I purchase the new MM211 next month, but on my fixed income, the price of the used MM185 is appealing right now. I can sure use the money saved to help out with the parts to rebuild the old hemi. I am very interested in learning AL MIG, can I purchase a spool gun for the MM185, and if so what would the part # be? Would it be the 3035 I hear about, and would I need the controller? I would not be welding any AL smaller than 1/8", and maybe up to 3/8". Mostly if not all 6061. Thank you, Ralph.
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        Millermatic 185

        Our market is a little different here. 600 for a nice MM185 in north Texas is a 'grab it' price. Worth that or more in a year. weldersales


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          Thank you weldersales!!

          It's a shame the rig isn't in the what I call the "Nice" catagory, just average for the age I quess. It's like when you go into the old machine shop and you cant see the lathe or the mill from under all the metal cuttings/turnings, it dont take much to take better care of your tools, { you DID in my shop**, and then they take better care of you, translation- make you more money, cause they aint broke down!! Thanks again north Texas, beautiful country, good folks, and the best steak dinners in all America!!, Ralph
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            Good price...Bob
            Bob Wright


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              Thanks Bob!

              Found answers to all of my MM185/spool gun compatability questions on the Miller site. Now for more of lifes tougher questions, new or used Power of Blue, chop or not chop the top on the Model A? I need a beer.