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HELP! Aluminum spoolmate 100 burning back at the tip

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  • HELP! Aluminum spoolmate 100 burning back at the tip

    My aluminum spoolmate 100 spool gun (connected to MM180 AS) has been burning back at the tip and ruining my tips. It had not been doing this consistently until recently. I can usually blame this on "operator error" and figure it out on my own, but I've gone back to basics to make sure it's not me and it's still giving me problems Any suggestions, thanks in advance

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    Well it could be:

    a) Slipping drive rollers

    b) wrong tip

    c) if you have a burnback control, set it to "0"


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      drive rolls......mmm

      Tip is good, no burn back control, however did not check the drive roll tension. I'll check that and see if that solves the problem....thanks for the thought


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        Would that problem be too much tension or not enough?
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          Remove the tip and check to make sure the liner is still in the head tube. The liner may have fallen out when you were changing tips and you didn't notice it. This will cause feed problems and of course burn back issues.

          How thick of aluminum are you welding?
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            Worn drive rolls can cause burnback, especially on .030 wire, as this roller was designed for both .030 and .035.

            I've also seen some of the "cheaper" aluminum wires cause burnback issues, as they don't always want to unspool correctly.

            Just my .02


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              Thanks all

              Miller Kevin, I'm welding mostly 1/8", nothing thicker than 3/16". I'll check that liner as well. Thanks for all your input, hopefully, these tips will solve the burn back.