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Dynasty Processes-Set Up

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  • Picked up the new 280DX. Wanted to share something that may or may not have been posted here.
    With the added card to allow independent EP/EN adjustments be sure to match them when changing wave form.
    For some unknown it is possible to create EN/EP with different wave forms.
    To double check....
    Access menu by Holding A and press Gas/Dig
    Press Gas/Dig move thru menu
    Once at ACEN or ACEP
    Turn Knob to scroll thru Wave Forms

    I have several settings for different material thicknesses. If anyone is interested hit me up.


    • I have been welding for 31 years. Spent many of those years tig welding. I am stumpped & having problems. Just bought a dynasty 210 DX . For a steady gig I picked up. The material is .063 bright aluminum diamond plate. I can weld beautiful welds everywhere except on the outside corners where the metal has been sheared. I can butt pieces flat togather $ weld fine once i get a puddle ( the puddle gets a little wonky starting out on the buts) i have ss wire brushed & wiped the edges diwn with acetone on the outside corners. When trying to tack which is about impossible the material gets a shiny puddle from the outsides first ( tight joint) but will not fuse & when i try to introduce filler rod it bubbles up & turns dark gray like there is no gas. I sanded the edges of some practice pieces & once i got a puddle it fused nicely with little filler. Im wondering if the shear from the place i get the parts is contaminating tge cut edges? Any help is appriciated. Dont like getting my *** kicked by this kind if stuff


      • You didn't say what you were using for gas shielding, gas lens or a standard collet body. Either way on the outside joint the gas is being split by the 90* corner, so keep a good torch travel angle (0*-15*) I would use a gas lens with at least a #8 cup and short tungsten stickout
        West coast of Florida


        • There's a special hidden menu that eliminates the gross edges left by shearing. It's right next to the button that activates the cordless torch and ground functions.