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Happy Father's Day

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  • Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's day to all the dads out there and grand dads too.......

    Being a Dad of two little beautiful girls i just love today.... they are 5 and 4 they are so much fun.....

    Happy Father's Day to all..

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    I agree Railmen, Happy Father's Day to all the fathers. I have a son, 13, and a daughter, 6. Its a good day.
    Joe in NY

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      Happy Father's Day fellow Dads....

      I only wish I could say that to my Dad and give him a hug.
      Dad was never big on hugs - matter of fact he'd rather not hug at all..
      I've taken a different tact on that.. I don't pass up an opportunity to hug my boy and tell him I love him.

      He's 26 now.

      Doesn't change a thing...
      Regards - Randy

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        Way to go Bigfoot. My Dad was not big on hugs either, but he was the best man I ever knew. I miss him-passed on 25 years ago almost to the day. I struggle to remember everything we said and did, but am glad for the time we had.
        Joe in NY

        Clarke 131E Arc Welder
        HF 4x6 bandsaw
        Hitachi 4.5" Grinder
        Craftsman Air Compressor


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          "Father's Day"

          Daughter, son, daughter, 3 grandaughters. My youngest daughter brought over her laundry That's what daddy's are for.

          "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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            4 and 5 are good ages, I miss those days! My girls are now 21 and 22 and still the light of my life
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              I don't know why, years ago some parents were afraid to show affection to their kids. I came from that generation. I know my father loved me and I loved him to death,but I don't ever remember him hugging me or any of my siblings. I vowed I would not passed that on to my kids. I have 3 kids. Age 42, 39, 38. Seven grandchildren. We see them often and hug them all. Today I received eight Clint Eastwood DVD and a complete season of Gray's Anatomy. My collection of Eastwood is growing all the time. Don't ever be afraid of telling your kids how much you love them. Cause you never know when it will be the last time you will be able to do that. Life is to short for anger and bitterness.
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                very fortunate

                happy day to all of you men, i love all of your post, you guys are great, showing love by saying it, that is huge, i have 4 kids 27 to 37 and all 4 called today our last words were i love you, i say that after every call, that is the most important statement of that day, i too had parents who loved me but didnt know how to say it, their gone and were never taught, a shame so read up you young moms and dads, us old guys are really on to something here. may all your children be happy and safe, good night kevin
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