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  • A word of thanks to all in forum

    All too often we take things for granted and sometimes we are not as appreciative as we should, or could be. During the past couple of months I have been asking allot of questions in this forum. On projects that I have been working on, and also quite a few welding questions. Some of them were relatively simple, and others a little more difficult.

    I would like to thank all you folks who have taken the time to read these questions. Also want to thank all of you who have reply back. This is coming from an old welder, that for the last 20 years have been away from welding most of the time. Now I am back into it, but as a hobby only. And a few jobs for some of my friends. I truly enjoy welding and doing steel or aluminum projects. In the past few years I have not kept up with the changes and welding improvements that have come along in the welding industry.

    When you reply to my questions you instill the confidents that are needed for me to be able to carry on, and do a professional job. I am one that has never been afraid to ask questions even if the person was younger than I was. My father once told me that we can learn from people, from every walk of life, weather they are young or old.

    A million thanks to all of you. Keep up the good works.

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    You are welcome
    I love to tap people's brains as well for whatever I may learn also. No matter who they are....everybody know something no one else does usually.
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      God's Wisdom vs Man's Wisdom

      Hey there Maineiac.. God says you have not because you ask not. So you were exercising God's word. It's so nice doing it God's way . there are so many people in this world that thinks they know more or better than God.. And He is the one who invented the welding process.. Take care and I wish you the best...Bob


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        Originally posted by Maineiac View Post
        My father once told me that we can learn from people, from every walk of life, weather they are young or old.
        My father always told me "Work Smarter, Not Harder".
        The forum helps me do that too!
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