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    I welded a air lock hitch on a crane flat deck back bumper , I had to lower the hitch, so it would be 21 inches from the ground which was below the actual back end 1/2 inch A36 plate that the original hitch was bolted one.
    We're talking concrete product company, no post and septic tank style.
    And I welded it all, with T-91 T12M "" low fume "" wire with 75 argon and 25 CO2 at globular transfer. And they've been using it everyday at maximum load in British Columbia hills.
    That's what i call strong mig welds, 90 000 (ksi) nothing to worry about
    But hey if stick it's what you're confortable with, nothing to worry about either.
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      So like did the gents question get answered? Or did the post sorta like float away? Tig Mig Stick or gas, it all has to stick together to be any good. There are as many welding ways as there are rifle calibers, not to mention the pistols. All have their purpose in both respects. One I love is hey I got a five minute welding job for ya. Guy got no brains. I want one of those 5ft 1 in dia rods.


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        The OP is over a year old
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