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British Columbia B welder going for "Red Seal"

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  • British Columbia B welder going for "Red Seal"

    Hey everyone.

    First Post here!

    I am a BC "B" level welder, I have a CWB all pos ticket or two. I am going for my "IP" or Red Seal Certification. I know that some of the western premiers have agreed that their respective provinces would recognise certain welder credentials for journeyman status. However I still want my Red Seal. Although I truly believe it has been watered down since I first started in the trade, It still will get some respect in another province.

    There is always some attitude that ones provience's training is this or my provience's training is that. Its only human nature.

    Anyhow, I have more than enough hours. I have been studying my C,B and bought the A books.

    Are the questions similar to the ones they ask in Trade school?

    ie: What is the primary advantage of using 7018?

    If a transformer has more winding on its primary winding then on its secondary it is a _____ transformer.

    Acetylene max operating pressure is _______

    etc etc etc

    oh, and has anybody going for their Red Seal used

    Was it ultimately a usefull "pay" resource?

    Thanks in advance for any useful comments you pass my way

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    Here is the breakdown of what the exam is made up of.

    Here is a link to a practice exam.

    The actual exam is 150 questions, and some may throw you for a loop, but if you do well on the practice exam you will do just fine.

    Have a Good Day.

    Professional Spark Generator by Trade.


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      The Red Seal test I'm taking at the end of the month is 120 questions. Multiple choice.


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        Originally posted by Black Wolf View Post
        Here is a link to a practice exam.

        Have a Good Day.
        Thank You so much!. Just what the doctor ordered.

        All I have to do is go get my Welding Log validated by our training authority.
        This fee, that fee.... and I will be off for testing!

        I certainly Hope Alberta is weathering this downturn better than BC (with regards to the trades)