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  • Learn to weld 101.

    I don't think I can say anything. What I mean is....I'm speechless.

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    hahhahahaaaa. you don't know what you talking about, this is how you are suppose to weld.

    this guy is terrible.... I had a great laugh, although i seen it before and I was, for some reason thinking about this video earlier, what a coincidence.

    i love it when he says to grind your weld down afterwards... lol


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      that guy has no idea. i'm no expert in metallurgy but you would probably change the temper by quenching in water. must be part of the farm code.
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        Ahh That is the number one reason Home depot should not be allowed to sell anything other then a soldering iron. Welders should come with a few free lessons.
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          Mental health break

          The first 15 seconds gave it away. A guy with his sleeves rolled up and a plastic flux-core gun and a hand held ''shield''. I love it.

          All you mig gunners out their remember not to let your ''feed'' stick out to much. And remember ''use the lowest voltage possible''. The whole thing is nothing but one-liners. Thanks for posting I feel much better about myself and life in general.
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            This could only get better if he were standing in a puddle of gasoline..
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              Stand Back 10'

              I think he would have got better penetration by standing back 10' and throwing some sharpened welding rod at the project..

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                I think I should stay home from work today. I actually FEEL dumber.


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                  wow.... just wow...

                  I actually have the same welder, it works great on 12-16ga stuff if you're not a moron like this guy...
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                    I gotta give the guy credit, it isnt the welding its the video. He is doing what he set out to do. In that market doesnt matter if he gets views being a good or bad welder, bad is just as good, maybe better????


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                      I didn't watch it but is this the one where the guy says "immediately dip the part in water to cool the weld" ??? IF so funny stuff.. If not i have to go back and watch this one, but i didn't figure there'd be 2 idiots iout there teaching their half a$$ technique on youtube LOL
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                        I think between the video and our comments he has already exceeded his 15 Minutes of Fame.
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                          That whole video is really a shame. Obviously time and money were spent on the production. The audio is great, as are the multiple camera angles....

                          This video could have been really, really, useful to newcomers and hobbyists if it had been hosted by an individual that had a clue what he was doing.

                          All the screw ups have already been addressed, I am just disappointed at the lost potential of this video.

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                            I must have seen this video when it first came out because that was almost a year ago.

                            I didn't feel the urge to tell everyone about it because I have repaired broken welds that make this guy look like an expert. There are vehicles moving down the road at highway speeds with critical welds that look worse than the ones in this video.

                            One thing that it does illustrate (that no other welding video I have ever seen illustrates) is how excited a person gets when they first try welding out. This kid got so excited about it that he made a video showing people how to weld like him. And in that excitment it's hard to tell if you are doing things right, especially without guidance.

                            The other thing this video illustrates is that just because someone is teaching you doesn't mean they have a clue what's going on.

                            If this kid was serious, there's about a 99% chance that welding is like kryptonite to him now. I just hope he's one of the 1% that will dust himself off and learn from the criticism and work on his skills. On an intersting side note, for all the critical comments, not one actually told the kid how to do it right.

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