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Millermatic 211 Good or Not Good

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  • Millermatic 211 Good or Not Good

    Hi Fellow Welders: Have been studying and reading info on a Millermatic 211 MIG Welder Auto. I want this welder strickly for welding Aluminum. Majority of my welding projects are 1/4 to 1/8 inch aluminum. Do any of you guys out there own such a welder? Do you have a friend that has this welder? If you are an owner are you happy with it? I will be using this mostly as hobby welding. At least this welder is within my price range.Any feedback will be appricated. Thanks
    Lincoln Idealarc 250
    Millermatic 211
    Spoolmate 100

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    What kind of welds???

    The MM210 would be fine for your needs, however if you are doing a lot of aluminum with small 1-2 inch beads, ie manifolds, I doubt you will be happy with the performance of a spoolgun. Biggest probelm with a spoolgun is it does not have good heat and penentration at the start of the weld. With small stich welds you would be much bettar off with a pulse on pulse machine like the 350p or bettar the lincoln 350. Or do the tig route. I just bought a Lincoln 185 tig because of this reason. I have been doing a lot of 1/8 aluminum jobs, where the spoolgun just did give the performance I liked. Just an FYI my spoolgun is a 30a hooked to a maxtron 450.
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