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Econotig arc starter diagram #2

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  • Econotig arc starter diagram #2

    Hi !


    Im looking for two informations:
    1- lenght of the spark generated by the Econotig arc starter.
    2-information for the Econotig arc starter electronic circuit diagram.

    In March I receive an Econotig tig welder that the arc starter is very short, no more than 0.5 milimeters. This make the initiation of the weld very dificult.
    What is the lenght of the spark, generate by the arc stater when the main current supply is off ??

    I need the information for the Econotig arc starter electronic circuit diagram to chek and repair the arc starter. Actually the problem with the Econotig was solved with the addition of one arc starter unit manufctured locally. The machine works well, but is not the appropriated solution.

    So I need the circuit diagram for the arc starter board to check the Econotig.

    A circuit diagram for the Dynasty or for the Diversion, even for the Maxtar will give valuable information that will allow I fix my Economy...

    Please not Im in Brazil, far away from the best supplies... Email for [email protected], please.


    Newton Brawn
    [email protected]

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    I have seen this schematic some time ago @ internet. But I do not remerber the address.


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      A circuit diagram for the Dynasty or for the Diversion, even for the Maxtar will give valuable information that will allow I fix my Economy...


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        No it WON'T! the inverters are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

        As I mentioned in a private post you are likely running the Econo's on 50hz. If the machines are rated for 60Hz, you will have the problems you mentioned.


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          Well, the line frequency here is 60Hz, the machine also is 60Hz.

          Yes, There is a difference between the Econotig and Maxtar, Diversion and
          others tig welders

          The power supply system for Econotig is eletromagnetic shunt.
          The heavy transformer " E " shape with a magnetic shunt controls the current at the torch. The transformer also reduces the 230v to 70v required to proper weld, also provides the galvanic insulation of the torch and work from the 230V line.

          The arc starter is insulated of main power transformer, despite the pulse be synchonized with the voltage @ torch.

          For other machines, the arc starter nonmally is insulated of the main power supply, only sinchronized with the torch current.

          Electronic circuits that control the pulses of the arc starters may be simillar, and information circuits from other machines may help help me understand the Econotig.

          This is the reason that Im looking other circuit diagrams.


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            Nope, the Inverters arc is already running at 20+Kilohertz so the arc starter is just that an arc starter, runs off a couple of small capacitors.

            As I mentioned an inverter system is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! You can't make or use the components out of an inverter to run your puny Econotig.

            Now I tried to help you once, I'm not sending you anything else.



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              That is ok. Thanks for your help, the circuit allows me a lot to understand the machine.

              Again, thanks.

              Newton Braun