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Problem with 252MM

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  • Problem with 252MM

    I have a MM252 that I have had for about 2 months and finally got to really use this weekend.Had a few issues with the wire not wanting to come out smoothly for a little bit.Then got that fixed and ran for about a total of an hour and now it says RUN 100. It kept running wire non-stop so I shut it off and that is what it says on the front panel. Anything I should look for on the machine or do I just need to take back to the shop I got it from?

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    The only thing I can see from the On Line manual is have you tried to change the Run In speed?
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      Yeah I think I did.I turned the speed dial and also tried turning the volt dial.It doesnt seem to do anything.It sucks to I was really starting to get in a groove to and real like this thing.


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        look in your little flipdown panel right below the volt/wire controls. there should be a few pages of things in there, look at the last page and i believe it should tell you how to reset your machine back to factory settings. something like depress trigger while turning the machine on. then releasing and pressing a second time for a split second. Not sure though, just give it a check.


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          You may be having a problem with the trigger switch in your mig gun. Turn the unit off and unplug the 4 pin round amphenol that attaches from the mig gun to the front of the MM-252. Turn the unit on and see if the display comes up normal. Plug in the 4 pin amphenol and if wire starts to feed the problem will be in the mig gun. Email me if you have any further questions

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            You either have a shorted trigger or shorted trigger wires. If you power the unit up with the trigger depressed it will come up in run-in mode. Power the unit down and then un-plug the little 4 pin connector, power the unit back up it should come up normally. If you plug the gun in then it will most likely start feeding wire by itself.
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              Yeah I went to the shop I got it from and talked to them about the problem.I think called the tech line and may have talk to you even.I think he said he taked to Kevin.I pulled it the 4-pin connector off and put back on.Everything seems to work fine now.I figure I will try to find sometime this week to do some more work and make sure everything is good.