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  • welding instruction in sacramento

    Recently I both literally and figuratively dusted off my welder. I was never a particularly skilled welder, but whatever skill I used to have has faded with neglect. Can anyone recommend a CC class/instructor in the Sacramento area where I might be able to get work on my tig skills? Slim chance I can fit it into my work schedule, but I figure it's worth checking out. There's no substitute for someone looking over your shoulder and telling you what you're doing wrong.

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    Hobbyist you are in luck our ARC "American River College" program is awesome. Frank Ramos is the head of the welding department out there and they have night classes starting at 5:30 at night. I was impressed by the MIG program and it only cost $60. It was a steal, and I know they teach Tig as well with a great lab. Frank can also certify you if that is what you are looking for.
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      There is indeed an evening TIG class offered in the fall at ARC. Glad to hear you like the program there. Unfortunately, due to my wierd work schedule, I'd likely miss half of the lectures. Not sure how well that would go over with the instructor (listed as E. Cano). Might have to give a call and see how flexible they can be.


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        Don't discount Consumes River College, either. Always known, at least years ago, for their industrial arts programs. Depending on your work/commute schedule,,,, Delta College in Stockton has a very knowledgeable instructor, recently retired from General Mills in Lodi.
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