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MillerMatic 250 Troubles

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  • MillerMatic 250 Troubles

    Hello All, new to the site and need some help.

    I have a MillerMatic 250 that is acting up on me. As the machine "warms up" with constant use, the wire starts to spit and sputter. I can actually feel the wire surging through the lead. The lead is only a year or so old, just put in a new liner and still have the problems. The thing that doesnt make sense is it really only seems to act up after using it for a short amount of time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    If you can't find another lead to try, make sure your wire is not rusty or oxidized. Rub your fingers on the weld wire and make sure you are not getting any film on your fingers. This will foul a liner in no time. You may need to change wire.
    If that check ok, make sure the machine is unplugged.
    Take the covers off the machine and see if there is any loose connections especially near the blue capacitor cans. You may have to remove the assembly from it's mount to check the screws on the buss bars. Make sure there is no oozing of moisture out of the capcitor vent holes. It sounds like you could have a cap failure or loose connections which DO act up after the machine is warmed up.

    Welcome and Good luck


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      Lots of different things hear including:

      At the point that the wire goes into the drive often clogs up with debris, Best to take the wire out and check that passage.

      If your using a 15' gun, best to use a single knurled drive roller for the size of wire.

      If your using "clone" tips, there have been cases where the tips just are not quite right and are not expanding at the same rate as the wire so the wire heats up and not much feed after that.


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        Your contact tip might be heating up and causing problems. Did you try a different contact tip? Might need to go up next size depending on the type of wire being used.
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