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How much to charge for small welding jobs

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  • How much to charge for small welding jobs

    Hello to all I'm new to the forum. I need help with what to charge people for small Jobs. I have done alot of jobs over the years. Alot of them have been for friends , and friends of friends. I have been stung many times. I think it's now time to come up with a Cost per Hour for everyone friends or not. for Tig welding:alum, Stainless,mild steel. and General mig and stick welding. I live close to Denver Colo. does anyone know the going Rates? I also do small machining Jobs, I have Bridgeport Mill , and Southbend lathe, I need a hourly rate for these too. Can anyone help me? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I don't charge anything to a lot of people and some jobs are just a few bucks. Sometimes lunch at mickey D's. I just sent 2 machining jobs to Canada for Free and i paid the postage. But thats just me...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      the going rate around here is $80.00 an hour so i charge $40.00 an hour


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        Two to three hour minimum Unless you are absolutely sure it's a five minute job.
        Been stung before too and won't let it happen again.
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          I do things like for friends and relatives for
          - fun,
          - beer,
          - "thanks",
          - what goes around comes around,
          - maybe my direct, out of pocket, expenses
          (unless the expense is for a new tool ... "Honest
          honey, I had to buy the new machine shop to make
          the part to fix Dave's fleebernated snorkernut!"

          If those wouldn't be enough to cover it, I say
          "that really requires someone who knows what
          they are doing"

          Truth in advertising, I don't do all this stuff for a living
          like many of the other guys here do. I assume that you
          don't do it for a living either ... if you did, you'd know the
          going rate in your area!



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            I personally think it all depends on what your doing... Any job for direct family i charge nothing. Close relatives/ freinds usually still nothing or a case of beer type of deal usually its alot of fun and thats payment enough.
            For everything else all i do is just charge them my regular wage as welder and times that by 1.5. At least thats what me and some of my other welding freinds do. I figure it makes sence cause its on my free time or after my regular hours of work so i would treat it like im makin time and a half at work. Its still a little more reasonable than to get an actual welding shop at $60.00/hr or so to do it


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              Do you warrant your work? Are you insured? Do you pay taxes on the earnings? Do you want to do these jobs, or would you rather be fishing / fixing your car / playing with the kids or grandkids? Do you need the money?

              To me - the question is too wide open. I don't weld for money. I'll do the odd job for a good friend, but when friends of friends ask, I tell them to take it to a professional. I don't have enough spare time as it is, and what I do have I would rather spend doing what I want to do. Plus I don't want the headaches of trying to fix others peoples stuff.

              That said - if I was to weld for money - I would calculate what my true cost to weld was, taking into account material costs, equipment costs, overhead costs, and a reasonable hourly rate for my labour. I would then compare that to the going rate in the area, and decide if I wanted to be a cut-rate or a premium cost welder. With both pieces of info, I could establish the rate that I want to charge, as well as any minimum charges. Last thing you want to do is set a rate that is too low, losing money on every job yet turning away business because you're too busy.


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                I live by the principle: "Never do anything for family/friends that you aren't willing to do for free-- including loaning money." If I loan money to someone, I start out expecting not to be repaid. That said, I weld everything for free, because welding is a fun hobby.

                I welded two kitchen spoons together for one guy because we thought it would be funny to put it in the silverware draw at the office.
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                  "Fleebernated Snorkernut"

                  Originally posted by davedarragh
                  Frank: How'd you know I needed one fixed?
                  I work for the NSA (National Snorkernut Agency) and we know everything



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                    Seems the more you do for free, the more people expect you to do, for free. There are certain "friends" that just grease you with compliments just to get more for free. I'm not in your area but I charge $45. per hour for my services. "That which is done for nothing is worth nothing," is an old saying which rings true today. I don't mind helping the truely needy but there is no end to the users that are around. If I ever ask a friend or relative for help, I always offer to pay and I can't recall anyone ever refusing to accept the money! Charge for your services, even if it is a modest sum.


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                      Was it Henry Ford who said "Time is money"?

                      I look at it this way. How much does the person whom is asking to have the item fixed or fabbed would get paid? What does this person do for a living?

                      In a previous life I did Blacksmithing work full time and spent years just learning the skills to make it viable (learning and working at it for 10-15 years before actually attempting to make a living at it).

                      And what I found is no one knows how much work goes into something other than you. Since they don't understand the level of work nor the resources needed to get the job done. They figure $10.00 is to much. Though they make 50.00-150.00per hour.

                      I found the high dollar types of people the most difficult to work for and after being in business for 20 years closed up the Blacksmithing shop because I was burnt out. Not with the work, but the people. 1 good customer in 5 isn't worth the time.

                      So, charge what you need to to make a decent living. I get 65.00 Hr in shop and 75.00Hr out.

                      According to the business class I took, when you figure out what a normal person gets (vacation time, sick time, design time, actual working time, phones, retirement, insurance, travel, etc) the formula was like 175.00 an hour in today market. And this was just squeaking by.

                      By the way I know some guys making 150.00 Hr doing fences and gates. straight out.


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                        many thanks to all the replies

                        Thanks you to all the replies, as usual there is so many differant ways of looking at things. I like everyones replies and answers. I did call around my area to get shop rates for welding they range from 45.00 to 80.00 an hour, and general machine work 45.00 to 65.00 hr . So I will probably charge around 40.00 Hr for tig welding. And 30.00 Hr for other welding. Machine work I will probably charge 35.00 Hr . I also wrote down all the prices for all the welding shops that I called. I will keep them handy to show people. I don't want to get rich off people, but I would like to pay for my Equipment and materials that I use. Thanks again for all the replies and Ideas. John


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                          One place I use to work befor I went out on my own they got $120hr. now me being on my own I get $85hr. portable welding + 75 cents a mile travle.


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                            Job Rates !

                            Originally posted by m.k.swelding View Post
                            One place I use to work befor I went out on my own they got $120hr. now me being on my own I get $85hr. portable welding + 75 cents a mile travle.
                            Hi Guys;

                            I charge $65.00 an Hr., But My time starts when I leave My Shop and the Price of Material( 50% mark-up on My Price ) If My cost is $1.00Lb., I Charge
                            $1.50 Lb. for any Steel that I Purchase for the Job !!!

                            ............. Norm


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                              I have owned my own mfg company for about 15 years now. what to charge is based on many factors.
                              Here's the nuts and bolts for me.
                              friends - FREE, they do for me and I do for them.
                              Walkins, non professional - $40 min and $40/hr + material with mark up
                              Walkins, professional - $65 min and $65/hr + material with mark up
                              if it is an actual bid situation. i break the job down and bid to make $65/hr min. Material is marked up to what the market will bear.
                              Bid to get 30% to 50% of the work you bid, if you are trying to get 100% you will find that you are working way hard for the money.

                              This all takes alot practice, no body is a master right away. start on the low side to start getting work then adjust your prices up until you are comfortable.

                              What is your hourly rate? This is based on the following factors.
                              what does it cost to have you equipment/month
                              electric bill/month
                              phone bill/month
                              add these up and divide by 160(hrs/month)

                              Now add what you want to make each hour(your salary) and add this to the number you just got from your expenses
                              THAT IS YOUR MINIMUM HOURLY RATE!!!!

                              With a little luck you can afford to stay in business

                              good luck in your business
                              Live Right Have Fun

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