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65 chevy truck build

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  • 65 chevy truck build

    Hey guys I have a question about schedule 40 or 80 pipe. I am building all new rear suspension for my 65 chevy truck.

    Here is a picture of my setup.......

    The red lines are how I am going to make the new wishbone. The current wishbone is just for mock up. But I am going to make the wishbone out of 2" schedule 80 pipe and a few auto builders tell me schedule 80 is not structural. And I should only use DOM pipe. Can someone please shed some light on why 2" schedule 80 is not structural?

    Here is how low my rear sits.....



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    Here is my complete build thread if anyone is interested.........

    All welding done with my little Passport Plus......!!!


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      Technically it might not be structural but I built an entire rear clip on my 92 Nissan pickup from 3/4 and 1" black pipe. Had a custom triangulated 4 link with a 1 pump hydraulic setup with manifold and 4 accumulators(no springs).I had body dropped the truck 4.5" and cut the rockers off so the doors sat flat on the ground. Put alot of miles on it and never had an issue with the black pipe. Dave


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        Turbo thanks for the reply......


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          Pipe vs DOM

          I guess the easiest way to explain the differences, is pipe is used to transport liquids/gases, and their rating is based upon internal pressures.

          DOM tubing has a designed tensile strength based on impact values.

          Pipe can be seamless or welded, where as DOM is "drawn over mandrel."

          Pipe can suffer from "tough" or "brittle" fractures, where DOM has a tendency to "bend"

          For a suspension part, no more material than you need, 1020 or 4130 may be your best bet, and save the pipe for sprinkler systems.

          I'm sure, however, there may be many that will disagree.

          "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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            very good explanation Dave.
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              Dave thanks for the input. The 2" pipe I am going to use is very different from the "black" pipe I used for mockup and the outside color is much more shiny. The 1.5" pipe is black. The 2" looks more like tubing. But is thick wall.....

              I am still going to use the 2" pipe. After I run my braces on the wishbone I will not have a piece longer than 2 foot in any direction. With the 1.25 Rod end with mis alignment spacers the wishbone will never have any binding on it. I am sure it will be more than strong enough for my application.

              Thanks again Dave....

              Dave B.....