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    Wheel Rims !

    Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
    I stacked up 5 car rims and tacked them together, put on a little top for my drill press. Made another one for my 12" disc sander. Rims are easy to find and are pretty stable. The bottom one can be filled with cement if needed...Bob
    Hey Bob, That's Exactly what I did !

    I had an old Deep Rim, I tacked a small plate across the hole, then welded on a piece of 2"x2" HSS. Vertically for a Post. Then Tacked in a couple of pieces of Rebar, and filled it up with Cement ! When it dried I welded on a piece of plate to bolt my Bench Drill Press !! Now I have a Drill Press on a Stand, Works Great Too !!

    ............ Norm