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    hey a buddy and me are thinking about starting a handyman business for the summer and hopefully longer. I have a few questions about wether or not we need liability insurance. Do we need it? What does it do ? Is it a good idea to have it? as you can tell i dont know alot about it!!!!!!
    serious welder lol!!!!

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    Well, yes and no, depends on what you are going, and if what you are doing could maim or cause injury to those you are doing work for. Liability insurance for the most part covers you for that. It's quite expensive as you should carry 1 million to 5 million .

    Another way of doing things is have a numbered company to which you are a shareholder of. In other words easy to fold and restart if a problem pops up.
    The numbered company owns nothing and you bill through it. You may still need a limited liability contract through it, but no one can come after you personally.

    Housing, roofing & renovation companys seem to do this with ease.

    The point is that you need to cover your butt.


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      You are starting a business- yes you need insurance.

      Contact an a few Insurance agents to get quotes.
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        If you don't have it and need it you'll wish you did.

        I believe contractors are required to carrie insurance.
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