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Broken wire # 34 aead 200le

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  • Broken wire # 34 aead 200le

    Hi there.... For some reason I cannot post a new thread? Yes, I'm logged in, but heck... I'm brain dead or what, ha!

    Okay, help... I have a broken wire marked number 34 from the negative terminal of the ignition coil, and the drawing shows that it goes to the power weld switch. Should be easy eh... not on your life it is... I cannot see where this wire has come off from, nor is there a terminal that has lost a wire, despite the wire end having the remains of a terminal attached.

    SYMPTOM: For some reason, when the switch S1 is moved from the weld to power, the move kills the engine. Does this number 34 wire have a baring on this function?

    Help would be appreciated. email [email protected]
    Kind regards
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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    Serial # and I'll get right on it, oh wire 34 is positive, sooo it should go to the positive side of the coil, as for suddenly kill the engine you may have a dead short, but I'll know once that serial# is supplyed.


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      Broken wire 34

      Hi there, cruizer. Thanks for the reply. By the way, I have found that the wire (34) goes to a lone spring operated switch via a diode. The switch is not S1 as I suspected the wire might have gone to, and I have no further details to give you, sorry.

      The serial number for the D200LE is HH046968. the engine is the old Onan CCKA-MS/2748J Serial number D7702244-76 and runs wonderfully, too.

      I have, today, changed out SR2 6 Amp 400 V for a new 50 Amp 1Kv bridge rectifier. I have not been able to test the unit yet as I ran out of the correct size spade terminals to replace the one I broke trying to disconnect it from the old bridge Tomorrow, I am going to disconnect D1 & D2 test them and clean the insulated plate that hold these two diodes and the bridge to the frame. (139) R4 12 ohm 180 watt, does not exist? By the way, I suspect that D2 is short... I hope that is enough information.. Kind regards
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